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‘Weakness is the Way: Life with Christ our Strength’ by J. I. Packer

by Derek Brown – Jun 10

J. I. Packer’s new book is not about family per se, but it does teach an important lesson–a lesson that parents should pass on to their children.  Carl Truman, writing at Reformation 21, commends this “devotional gem” to Christians because “it speaks eloquently of how God uses weakness; and, indeed, of how Christians are to make themselves weak in order for God to be shown to be truly strong.”  Truman also observes the importance of listening carefully to older, godly saints.

“[This book] is also a reminder that perhaps the most important voices in the church are not those of the young and the beautiful, of the middle aged who cannot accept that their teenage years are behind them, least of all of the Twittocrats who can reduce any profound and subtly beautiful truth to 140 banal and clichéd characters; instead, they are the voices of the old and the weak who know whereof they speak when it comes to the cross and suffering and weakness.

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You can find Packer’s book here.