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The Happy, Humble Work of a Mother

by Derek Brown – Mar 11

Are you ever tempted to see your work as a mother as something that is, well, beneath you?  Melissa McDonald, writing at Domestic Kingdom, offers some wise counsel to help homemakers overcome this temptation by  viewing their work from a posture of humility and servanthood.

I just had a serious talk with my two-year-old as she bounced on a red rubber donkey wearing an inflatable crown. We talked about all the reasons you shouldn’t play with the potty seat. Then she bounced around in circles until she fell off of the donkey. She giggled the way only two-year-olds giggle and I went back to reading my Bible.

When I received my college degree, I never envisioned the good use I would put it to this morning: explaining to a toddler why you can’t play with the potty seat.

Isn’t that the way we think about mothering little ones sometimes? We stack up all our worldly credentials against motherhood and conclude that the work is beneath us. Aren’t we capable of so much more than scrubbing dried oatmeal out of the creases in the highchair?

I know what it’s like to go about my humble tasks with a heart full of pride. I wear a long face and use a solemn voice to talk about my dreadfully sacred calling. I’m still not over myself. It’s hard to be humble when I feel over-qualified for the tasks that greet me each morning.

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