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Stumbling Through Family Faith Talks…For the Glory of God

by Derek Brown – Oct 9

Be encouraged by the honesty of two parents who are learning how to disciple their children.

Come follow us for a look at a typical Lynch Family Faith Talk! Many times we move through five stages of progression: 1) Beginning; 2) We’ve Gone Slightly Off Track; 3) Heated Escalation; 4) what I like to call “Faith Talk Failure!”; 5) and finally to Repentance–by the somewhat frustrated though well-intentioned parents. Take a peek at us around the table.

{ Beginning }

Dad (me): “So boys…why did these people pray to and worship false idols instead of God?”
Jackson: “God.”
Owen: “No…not God. That’s not the right answer Jackson!”
Sankie: “Because…cause…cause…uhhh…cause we’re supposed to love God most.”
Dad: “Right Sank. God is the only true God who is worthy of our love and devotion. Other things distract our hearts and begin to capture our love and affections in ways that were only meant to be towards God.”
Jackson: “God.” (head drops below the table as he falls off his chair)
Dad: “Jackson, get back up in your chair and listen. Stop dropping off your chair.”
Dad: “What are some things that attract our eyes and cause us to desire them?”
Owen: “Umm…Umm…the other day on Wild Kratts there was a bug that ate another bug and…”
Sankie: “No. That’s not what we’re talking about! That’s not an idol…and it wasn’t even a bug. It was a…”
Owen: “Yes it was! It was a beetle bug and it had a hard shell and…”
Jackson: “Bug? Bug?……..Bug bug bug bug. I like bugs…buuuuuugs.” (drops off chair again–hits chin and bites tongue–starts crying–Owen acts out same action to show us what Jack did when he hurt himself–Sankie and Owen start mock crying–cue even-more-frustrated Jack)

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