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Steve McCoy’s Advice for Parenting Young Children

by Derek Brown – Feb 15

Steve McCoy, blogger at Reformissionary:

There’s a lot of parenting advice out there. Some is great. Much of it is lacking. Some is downright harmful. With a 16 girl driving around, two middle school boys (14 & 12 yrs old) and our youngest son in 4th grade (nearly 10 yrs old), we’ve experienced a lot of success & struggle in our parenting. We’ve gotten advice from books, other parents, pastors, and our own parents. We’ve taken courses on parenting and had one pastor/wife and family that we learned much from and watched closely as they did so much right (radically different than most parents we’d ever seen). I wanted to share some advice for things I feel we have learned and that not enough folks are talking about. At its core, this list is a quick mind-dump of the practical advice I want to give parents with young kids after years of doing it. By no means do we do all of this perfectly. I assume you know that already.

Here are the first 3 of 24 points:

Believe Kids Are A Blessing | Our world sees kids as a burden. The Scriptures tell us they are a blessing from the Lord. In your thinking about your children, in all you do as a parent, remember & trust that God has given them to you as a blessing. It will change how you see them and how you parent them. It hopefully will even change how many of them you have. Who wouldn’t want MORE blessing?

Read The Jesus Storybook Bible To Them | A tool we didn’t have while the kids were really young, it would have been a staple of their Bible story diet. Honestly, it still was.

Pray With Your Kids Concerning Taking Risks | Yes, pray for needs and give them models of prayer, etc. But pray aloud with them about the kinds of risks God wants them to take. “God if my boys sees someone being bullied at school, give them strength to stop it even if it means they get hurt.” Something like that. We also regularly pray that God would use them mightily, even if that means persecution, going far away as a missionary, etc.

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