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Perspectives on Your Child’s Education

by Derek Brown – Jun 24

The Gospel Coalition has just completed a three-part feature that examines, from differing viewpoints, the benefits and drawbacks of public, private, and home-based education.  I have provided links to all three articles below.

Perspectives on Our Children’s Education: Going Public, by Jen Wilken

Perspectives on Our Children’s Education: Private Enteriprise, by Jenni Hamm

Perspectives on Our Children’s Education: Homeward Bound, by Amanda Allen

For more on this important issue, also see Perspectives on Your Child’s Education – Four Views, edited by Timothy Paul Jones.

From the Publisher: In Perspectives on a Child’s Education, proponents of four very different learning options present their faith-based positions on how a parent should answer the question, “Where should I send my child to school?” Troy Temple (International Center for Youth Ministry) is convinced every Christian parent should consider public schooling. G. Tyler Fischer (Veritas Academy) believes open admission Christian schools are best for Christians and non-Christians alike. Mark Eckel (Mahseh Center) favors covenantal Christian schools that don’t enroll non-Christians. Michael Wilder (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) advocates homeschooling. For each contributor’s chapter, a counterpoint chapter from the other contributors follows with a goal of determining which view is most in line with what the Bible teaches.