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Parenting as Storytelling

by Derek Brown – Jan 30

Tony Reinke explains:

Training children to love reading can be tough. Okay, really tough. A host of visual entertainment competes for our children’s attention. Things like video games, which are not necessarily bad in themselves, can spill over boundaries and erode a child’s love of reading. When visual entertainment choices threaten a love for books and imaginative storytelling in a young child’s life, parents should be concerned. Parents need wisdom here, wisdom suited to the strengths and weaknesses of each child.

Books are important because story is important. And story is important because to some degree parenting is storytelling. Parents are called to the glorious labor of narrating God’s sovereign and cosmic drama to our children, to show them we are participating in his story, together, right now.

Read the whole article (which includes a three-minute video with Sally Lloyd Jones) here.