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Parenting According to the Minor Prophets

by Derek Brown – Mar 1

Robby Fowler, writing at Gospel-Centered Discipleship, offers some wise and penetrating counsel for parents from the Old Testament.

Five minutes with my kids is all it would take to validate that what follows is a prayer for the future, and not a present reality. My wife and I have three children, ages 12, 11, and 6. We are now in our 40’s. We’re tired. My kids misbehave. They fight with each other and they disobey me.

But here I am sharing a few thoughts on parenting gleaned from a minor prophet. Weird. Though I am not an Old Testament scholar who spends combing the original language for various insights that others fail to notice, I am a dad who reads the scriptures hoping for any glimpse of Jesus. As I read Micah I am not only finding Jesus, but also our Father who is the example for parents. What if I fathered like our heavenly Father?

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