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Online Theological Resources for Profitable Bible Study

by Derek Brown – Jun 17

You may not be a pastor, and you may not consider yourself a theologian, but if you are a disciple of Jesus Christ, then it is your responsibility (and privilege!) to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word .  Often, however, responsibilities at work, home, and church can impede serious Bible study.  If you are going to make the most of what little time you have, then you need accessible, reliable, and affordable Bible study resources.

Nathan Busnitz, writing at The Cripplegate, offers a concise list of six online tools that he has found most helpful in his own study of Scripture.  And did I say affordable?  Yes, all the resources on his list are free.  But don’t let the lack of cost fool you.  Each of these online tools are excellent and will repay richly anyone who makes diligent use of what they have to offer.  Below are two of the six resources from the list.  You can access the whole list by clicking the link below.

When it comes to Bible software, I use Logos more than anything else (though I know BibleWorks and Accordance are excellent too).

But what about free online resources? Thankfully, the web has made it possible for almost anyone with a computer to access hundreds of valuable study tools. For people who don’t have immediate access to a sizeable library, that’s great news.

If you’re an avid online Bible student, you are probably already familiar with the ten resources I’ve listed below. But these are the ones that I find most helpful in my own personal study.

Having said that, I’m always looking for new sites, to add even more richness to my online study time. So, if you think of one I’ve missed, be sure to add a comment and mention it.

My Top-Ten Favorite Online Study Resources

1. The John MacArthur Sermon Archive — When it comes to clearly and accurately explaining the Word of God, there is no pastor I trust more than John MacArthur. The fact that he has preached through every verse of the New Testament, and that all of those sermons are available for free online (both in audio and transcript form), means that this resource is as exhaustive as it is valuable. The topical Q&A section is also an expansive resource, giving practical and biblical instruction on a wide variety of issues.

2. The Theological Resource Center — The featured resource on the site is a growing library of video lectures taught by the TMS faculty. These lectures can be watched, free-of-charge, by anyone with an internet connection. The site currently contains eleven full courses, consisting of more than 200 individual lectures. Over the next few months, the library will grow to include over 20 courses, offering hundreds of hours of seminary-level lecture content. When complete, this online video library will cover a wide range of topics including Bible Survey, Grammar and Exegesis, Systematic Theology, Historical Theology, and Biblical Counseling.

You can read the whole list here.