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How To Discern if Your Child is a Christian

by Derek Brown – Jul 25

Brian Croft, pastor of Auburndale Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, and regular blogger at Practical Shepherding, writes at The Gospel Coalition about how parents should go about assessing their child’s spiritual life.

As parents, we all wrestle with how to answer this question, and I’ve found there are usually two extremes that need to be avoided. The first is made worse by a lack of discernment shown in many churches when they routinely extend altar calls to 4- or 5-year-olds, ask them to raise their hands if they love Jesus, and then baptize them as converted followers of Christ.

The second is often a reaction against the carelessness of the first. This extreme prevents both parents and also pastors from being willing to affirm a child’s conversion until they are adults, independent of their parent’s authority and care. While reluctance on both counts is somewhat warranted, I believe a middle ground must be approached in order to discern clear biblical evidence that a child, teenager, or young adult has become a new creature in Christ.

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