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“Don’t Outsource Your Kids to Youth Group” – A Roundtable Discussion at The Gospel Coalition

by Derek Brown – Oct 4

Below is a link to a post at The Gospel Coalition that features a roundtable discussion about important matters related to youth discipleship.

Though it’s sometimes yielded more heat than light, the question cannot be avoided: What role should parents play in youth ministry?

In a new roundtable video, Cameron Cole, David Plant, and Liz Edrington discuss how parents and youth leaders ought to relate. “The church has done of poor job of communicating to parents that they are the primary discipler of their children,” Cole remarks. Additionally, there’s a tendency on the part of parents to outsource the development of our kids. So, for intellectual development, we send them to school; for athletic development, to Little League; and for spiritual development, to youth group.

But this won’t do. ”Youth leaders must let parents know we’re partners with them in the spiritual formation of their children,” Cole continues. “Parents may not believe this, but the reality is their kids listen to them far more than they’re going to listen to us.”

You can read the whole article and watch the video here.