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Child Identity Theft: What Every Parent Needs to Know

by Derek Brown – Mar 15

At his blog typically reserved for the discussion of literature  for children, Ray Van Neste reviews a book about an issue that concerns children: identity theft.  Van Neste recommends Child Identity Theft: What Every Parent Needs to Know, ”to families, schools [and] churches as one more tool in doing what we can to be wise and careful.”

Unlike most books reviewed here, this is not a book for reading to your kids, but it is one to talk about with your kids. I suppose we have all heard about identity theft, but when I saw this book about child identity theft and noticed it was written by a decorated officer who has worked extensively in this area, it caught my attention.

Thieves are often particularly interested in stealing a child’s identity because they have no prior credit history and illegal activity on a child’s identity can go on undetected much longer. Chappell cites examples where this has occurred and gives wide ranging advice on how to protect your family from this sort of theft.

Chappell does not write in inflammatory tones or use scare tactics. I really appreciated the no-nonsense, common sense approach he used. Furthermore the book is laid out as a series of questions and answers making it very user-friendly, allowing you to go straight to the information most relevant to you.

You can read the whole review here.