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Albert Mohler: “The Family Crisis as a Theological Crisis”

by Derek Brown – Dec 4

In a recent post at his blog, Dr. Albert Mohler explains the theological factors behind “the most significant and the most dangerous development of our times.”

Writing a generation ago, sociologist Christopher Lasch pointed to the weakening of the family as the most significant and dangerous development of our times. In his book, Haven in a Heartless World, Lasch described the breakdown of the natural family as a calamity for the society at large, as well as for the individuals whose lives are so directly affected.

Tellingly, he also wrote this: “The first thing to understand about the present crisis of the family is that it did not materialize overnight.” Indeed, it did not. The current crisis of the family must be traced to economic, political, social, and ideological causes. But there is another cause as well. The family crisis is a theological crisis, and this must be the church’s first concern.

You can read the whole article here.