Resource Recommendation: 'God's Love: A Bible Story Book' by Champ Thornton

by Derek Brown – Jun 27

From the Publisher: In this colorfully illustrated storybook, your children will discover countless examples of God’s love from before creation to the ascension. We pray that this book will encourage your family to develop a new awe for God.

Andy Naselli recently interviewed the Champ Thornton about his new book.  You can read the interview here.  Below is a brief excerpt from the interview.

1. How does your book compare to God’s Big Picture Story Bible and The Jesus Storybook Bible?

In terms of reading level, I would place the God’s Love Storybook between God’s Big Picture Story Bible and The Jesus Storybook Bible. Its target age-group is preschoolers. As the author, I’m keenly aware of stylistic differences. Nearly every time I read the Jesus Storybook Bible, I am taken by its beauty. I tried to keep the style simple and fresh, using everyday, non-churchified language. I often hear familiar Bible stories told in language that seems overly-familiar so that its meaning is actually somewhat veiled. So, in the story of Jacob and Esau, for example, instead of Jacob wanting the biblically familiar “birthright,” I said he wanted to become the “family leader.” Instead of a “Levite” (in the Good Samaritan), it’s a “priest’s helper.” Hopefully, the style and language cause the meaning to be more readily accessible, especially to younger readers.

The content is similar to The Jesus Storybook Bible in that it regularly focuses on Christ, even throughout the Old Testament. There is also a commonality with the God’s Big Picture Story Bible because the stories intentionally hang together, using several biblical themes to help tell The Story. The primary theme is God’s love and grace, with God’s mission and presence as secondary themes.