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Moving from a “Successful Career” to a Satisfied Soul.
by Michael T. Graham Jr. – Aug 17

What determines success?  This is a question we all face.  However, in a world that increasingly undervalues the importance of the home, this is an even more challenging question for women.  In an article entitled, “From Medical Doctor to […]


Six Reasons to Pray the Bible

Why pray the Bible? 1. You’ll pray biblically-saturated, biblically-shaped prayers. This means you’ll have greater assurance that you’re praying the will of God. The Bible makes plain (in 1 John 5:14-15 specifically) that we must pray according to the will of God if we expect him to answer. Can you have any greater assurance that […]

— Aug 4

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Anxiety: Everyone Deals with It. Right?
by Michael T. Graham Jr. – Aug 10


Anxiety is indeed a universal human condition.  However, Dave Redford, in an article he entitles, “What Would God Say to Your Anxiety?” offers some keen insights on how Christians should respond when anxiety comes.

In this article he suggests three things Christians should do […]

Preaching: An Art or a Science?
by Michael T. Graham Jr. – Jul 15

Jonathon Woodyard seeks to answer this question in an article entitled, “A Simple Formula for Effective Preaching.” In this article he exhorts those who wish to preach to consider three things:
1. Preaching is not a game.
2. Preaching requires a person to see, savor, then […]
Mothers and Their Role in Building a Godly Legacy for Their Children
by Michael T. Graham Jr. – Jul 13

In a world where sin is rampant and ungodliness is the norm, how can you leave a model of godliness for your family?  In an article entitled, “Amidst a World Gone Crazy, Speak Noble Things: Build a Godly Legacy,” Sally Clarkson […]

Addressing Issues of Race: Pastors and The Pulpit
by Michael T. Graham Jr. – Jul 8

In the aftermath of the shooting of two black men, shot and killed by white police officers, and the seeming retaliation demonstrated in the killing of five police officers, we are left with many questions and concerns.  However, one question that cannot be left unanswered […]

Stay-at-Home mom: How hard can it be? Suggestions that every husband should follow.
by Michael T. Graham Jr. – Jun 27

Gloria Furman, in her article entitled, What Every Husband Should Know About Stay-at-Home Moms, makes the case that being a stay-at-home mom is not for the faint of heart. That is, she states unlike jobs outside the home, which may often entail […]
Setting an example for your children to follow
by Michael T. Graham Jr. – Jun 24
In an article entitled The Two Words Fathers Should Say to Their Children, Joe Carter states that fathers should tell their children to “follow me.”  He then provides three ways the spiritual habits of fathers can be used as a model […]