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Book Review: Beat God to the Punch
by Nick Weyrens – Oct 28

Eric Mason, Beat God to the Punch: Because Jesus Demands Your Life. Nashville, TN: B&H Publishing Group, 2014. 128 pp. $12.99.

There’s a good chance that upon reading the title of this book that, like me, you furrowed your brow a bit.  From the opening [...]

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What Does a Family Devotional Look Like?
by Timothy Paul Jones – Oct 23
Embrace a Trinitarian Spirituality
by Donald S. Whitney – Oct 21

I once read an article that quoted a TV star as saying, “I consider myself a spiritual person.” Almost everyone nowadays is “into spirituality.”

Try to find someone who says, “I’m just not very spiritual.”

I saw a survey where even a majority of atheists consider themselves “spiritual” people. By this I assume they mean they [...]

D6 Celebrates Six Years, and Counting!
by cford – Oct 16
Teaching Children a Biblical Worldview
by Timothy Paul Jones – Oct 16
Fatherhood and Baseball
by Coleman M. Ford – Oct 14

In a recent article for the Ethics & Religious Liberties Commission, David Prince remarks about the relationship between baseball and fatherhood:

Baseball requires a kind of individual moral courage that keeps persisting for the good of the team in the face of inevitable repeated personal failures. The [...]

Being Yourself in Prayer
by Coleman M. Ford – Oct 7

Most of us have witnessed this scene before. A prayer is requested, someone obliges, and a prayer begins. What comes next sounds nothing like the person you know. Its either timid and terse or its verbose and voluminous. In reality, sometimes our prayers just don’t sound [...]