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Telling Your Spouse About Struggles with Sexual Purity
by Coleman M. Ford – Aug 19

Well-meaning Christians, those who have put safeguards of accountability into practice, continue to struggle with the question of whether they should inform their spouse when they lust. Is it ok to confess to a pastor or accountability partner but not one’s spouse? What is the best [...]

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Practice True Spirituality
by Donald S. Whitney – Aug 14

This post originally appeared on It has been reproduced here with permission of the author.

In our quest for a more simple spirituality it’s important to define the term. I’m writing from the belief that spirituality is the pursuit of God and the [...]

Book Review: ESV Reader’s Bible
by Coleman M. Ford – Aug 12

ESV Reader’s Bible. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2014. 1840 pp. $29.99

The Bible is a story, a tale of redemption from creation, fall and recreation. There are developing characters , interweaving plot lines, and allusions. Readers are carried along the story page after page, era after era, author [...]

Personal Organization for the Sake of Fruitful Ministry
by Derek J. Brown – Aug 7

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Some people may think it weird or merely the sign of an obsessive personality, but I get butterflies when I walk into an Office Depot.  Even the thought [...]

A Mother’s Hope for a Better World
by Coleman M. Ford – Aug 5

With such constant turmoil overseas, those of us in the west may fret about what sort of difference we can make in a world fraught with evil and despair. As Christians, we know the reality of a Genesis 3 world yet, as Paul described in Romans [...]

We May Be Worshipping Our Family
by Coleman M. Ford – Jul 31

Jason Helopoulos, author of A Neglected Grace: Family Worship in the Christian Home, recognizes both the benefits and the potential downfalls of family worship. He provides readers with a sober reminder about the potential of making family-integreted church and family worship an idol. Helopoulos [...]

Four Reasons Why Marriages Suffer
by Coleman M. Ford – Jul 29

Leon Brown, writing on the Reformation21 blog, offers a quick look at why marriages suffer. He offers four reasons:

  1. You have fallen in love with someone else.
  2. Physical union is withheld.
  3. Marriage is about the children.
  4. No time in the scriptures and prayer.

These reasons may sound simplistic and self-evident, but [...]