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Washington, DC


Fall 2013

29250     Survey of Christian Ethics – 3 hours
An introduction to Christian ethics, with attention given to methodology, biblical foundations, types of Christian ethical thoughts, and Christian responsibility in relation to current social problems.
Dr. Mark Coppenger,

22100     Biblical Hermeneutics – 3 hours
A study of the history of the English Bible, the goal of biblical interpretation, the presuppositions involved in the interpretation, the means of arriving at the meaning of ancient texts along with its present-day implications, and the formation of the New Testament canon.
Dr. Barry Joslin,
Please contact Academic Records to register for Biblical Hermeneutics at: or 1-800-626-5525, ext. 4209.

Proposed Scheduling through the Spring of 2015
This schedule may be revised at any time to reflect the needs of our students.

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