the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Course Information

Jackson, TN

Fall 2013

Classes are listed in time order.

27060     Systematic Theology I – 3 hours
A careful and systematic study of Christian doctrines, covering introduction to theology, revelation and Scripture, and the existence, attributes, and triune nature of God.
Dr. Gregory Spears

27070     Systematic Theology II – 3 hours
A careful and systematic study of Christian doctrines, covering creation and providence, angels, humanity, sin, and the person and work of Christ.
Dr. Grant Gaines

27080     Systematic Theology III – 3 hours
A careful and systematic study of Christian doctrines, covering the person and work of the Holy Spirit, salvation, the church, and last things.
Dr. Grant Gaines

Applied Ministry (AM)

Courses are offered through the Center as needed.

The faculty supervisor will schedule all AM classes.

44905    Applied Ministry2 hours
Approved placement of at least nine hours weekly in a ministry position with weekly individual and small group supervision. Goals and objectives as well as procedures and strategies for ministry in churches, agencies, and communities are the focus for reflective learning.
Dr. Jerry Tidwell,

Spring 2014

January 27-February 17
35040     Introduction to Family Ministry – 3 hours

8:30 am – 6:30 pm
This course provides an overview of congregational leadership and organization of ministries designed to evangelize and disciple families. Theological, cultural, and practical issues related to ministry to children, teenagers, college students, singles, married couples, and senior adults will be addressed, with particular attention to how each of these aspects contributes to an overall congregational strategy of effective family discipleship.
Dr. Wesley Feltner

March 3-24
32100     Personal Evangelism – 3 hours
8:30 am – 6:30 pm
A study of personal evangelism designed to equip the minister to train others in a variety of skills related to personal evangelism. This required course cannot be satisfied through transfer credit.
Dr. Chris Bonts

March 31-April 28
34300     Introduction to Biblical Counseling – 3 hours
8:30 am – 6:30 pm
This course is a basic introduction to biblical counseling theory and techniques. Attention is focused on how the Scriptures and theology from the foundation and substance for Biblical counseling.
Dr. Stuart Scott,


That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.