the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Course Information

East Tennessee (Knoxville Area)


Fall 2013

Classes are listed in time order.

Monday Courses:
32960     Intro to Missiology – 3 hours
An evaluation of missiological thought with a view to developing a contemporary theology of the mission: the what, why , and how of missions.
Dr. George Martin,

20200     Intro to Old Testament I – 3 hours
An introduction to the Pentateuch and the historical books of the Old Testament in the English Bible, Genesis through Esther, including an examination of critical, historical, hermeneutical, and theological issues.
Dr. George Martin,

20220     Intro to Old Testament II – 3 hours
An introduction to the Prophets and Writings in the English Old Testament, Job through Malachi, including an examination of critical, historical, hermeneutical, and theological issues.
Dr. George Martin,

Friday/Saturday Course:
35040     Leadership & Family Ministry – 3 hours
This course provides an overview of congregational leadership and organization ministries designed to evangelize and disciple families. Theological, cultural, and practical issues related to ministry to children, teenagers, college students, singles, married couples, and senior adults will be addressed, with particular attention to how each of these aspects contributes to an overall congregational strategy of effective family discipleship.
Dr. Chris Harding,


Courses are offered through the Center as needed.

The faculty supervisor will schedule all AM classes.

44905    Applied Ministry – 2 hours

Approved placement of at least nine hours weekly in a ministry position with weekly individual and small group supervision.  Goals and objectives as well as procedures and strategies for ministry in churches, agencies, and communities are the focus for reflective learning. Applied Ministry Orientation by video link.
Dr. Christopher Harding,

Spring 2014

Monday courses:
32100     Personal Evangelism – 3 hours
A study of personal evangelism designed to equip the minister to train others in a variety of skills related to personal evangelism.
Dr. William Henard,

29250     Christian Ethics – 3 hours
An introduction to Christian ethics, with attention given to methodology, biblical foundations, types of Christian ethical thought, and Christian responsibility in relation to current social problems.
Dr. Ken Magnuson,

28500     Introduction to Christian Philosophy – 3 hours
A study, in historical perspective, of the basic issues in the philosophy of religion.
Dr. Mark Coppenger,

That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.