the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Who to Contact

East Tennessee (Knoxville Area)


Contacts at Louisville campus:

Extension Education – (plans the curriculum and recruits faculty to teach)
Dr. Mark Coppenger

Vice President for Extension Education
(502) 897-4390 or (800) 626-5525, ext. 4390

Admissions – (oversees the application process and all approvals for admission)
Ben Dockery
Director of Admissions and Student Services
(502) 897-4200 or (800) 626-5525, ext. 4200

Extension Programs Registrar – (completes registration and issues grades)
Mr. Norman Chung
(502) 897-4209 or (800) 626-5525, ext. 4209

Academic Counselors – (coordinates academic counseling)
Center for Student Success
(502) 897-4680; (800) 626-5525, ext. 4680

Contacts at Local campus:

Local Center Director – (facilitates communication between students and main campus)
Dr. C.E. “Jack” Jackson, III, Director

Rev. Jeffrey A. Bowden, Assistant Director
First Baptist Church
2085 Simpson Road East
Lenoir City, TN 37772
(865) 986-9066 (office)
(865) 988-3903 (fax)

That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.