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General EdD Questions

How is the EdD structured?

The EdD involves the completion of the following requirements:

  • Graduate Research Seminar (2 hours)
  • Cooperative Program Class (0 hours)
  • Eight Area Seminars (6 hours each, 48 total)
  • Oral Comprehensive Exams
  • Thesis Writing (6 hours)
  • Thesis Defense (4 hours)
  • Total EdD Credit Hours = 60 hours

How can I keep track of deadlines and opportunities for the EdD?

The PhD Calendar is the best resource for students to track deadlines and opportunities in the doctoral program. In addition, the Doctoral Studies Office regularly sends out information emails to students with pertinent details about upcoming events and deadlines.

Is it possible to take a semester off from my studies?

In very limited cases of hardship, students may be granted interrupted status in order to take a semester off from their studies. Students must submit the Interruption of Study Request form in order to petition for interrupted status. After students complete their interrupted status, they may resume taking classes without penalty.

What if I need longer than 30 months to finish?

The EdD degree is designed to be completed in thirty months. This time frame includes all seminars and the thesis, but if you require additional time beyond thirty months, you may petition for an extension. The petition must be submitted to and approved by the program director and your faculty mentor. No student, though, will be allowed to continue beyond forty-eight months in the program.

How can I know what courses will be offered in the future?

The Doctoral Studies Office attempts to maintain a record of projected courses for future semesters. A list of projected seminars can be found on the Doctoral Studies Office webpage.

Who can I contact for more information about the EdD?

For information about the degree, program requirements, or academic advising, feel free to contact:

Dr. Timothy Paul Jones
Director of the Doctor of Education Program
Office: Cooke 112

Mr. Daniel L. Patterson
Associate Director for Research Doctoral Studies
Office: Norton 146C

For questions about your status in the admissions process, feel free to contact Admissions at (502)897-4617 or via email at

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