the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Comprehensive Exams

When will I take my comprehensive exams?

Oral comprehensive exams will be scheduled as part of your Critical Reflection and Research Evaluation seminar (92060), so you will not have to make a separate trip to Louisville.

What do I need to do before I am able to take my oral comprehensive exams?

Before being scheduled for oral comprehensive examinations, you must successfully complete four foundational seminars and two advanced seminars. Thus, you should plan to take your comprehensive exams in your fourth trip to Louisville during the Mon-Wed January seminar.

What are oral comprehensive exams like?

Ocomprehensive examinations test your capacities as a problem solver and practitioner scholar by focusing on your ability to coordinate and to apply research findings related to his or her research focus. Although your entire research team will be present for these examinations, answers are presented individually. Your primary mentor will present two questions; one of these two questions will relate to your thesis topic. A practitioner in your field of study will present a third question and will participate in the evaluation of the student’s answers to the mentor’s questions.

Each of your responses must last no more than twenty minutes but no fewer than fifteen minutes.

Am I allowed to use any helps during the exam?

You may bring three pages of notes – single-spaced with one-inch margins and with a typeface no smaller than twelve-point Times New Roman.

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