Students in the Ph.D. program choose one major and one Th.M. minor. In their major, students complete five seminars, which gives them a solid foundation in their primary field. In addition, students take three courses in their minors, which results in a well-rounded learning experience.

The major concentrations are the following. Regardless of what your research interests are, Southern Seminary has a Ph.D concentration to fit your needs.


Residential Concentrations

School of Theology


Modular Concentrations


School of Theology

Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism & Ministry


The Th.M. minor concentrations are the following. The minors with theĀ asterisk are available in modular format

Th.M. Minor Concentrations

    • Biblical Theology & Exegesis
    • Missions & Evangelism *
    • Philosophy, Worldview, & Apologetics *
    • Practical Theology *
    • Theological & Historical Studies