Admissions Prerequisites

To be considered for enrollment in our PhD program we require the following for application.

  • An M.Div. or its equivalent for all degrees with the exception of Christian Worship, Family Ministry, Higher Education, and Leadership which require an M.A.
  • A minimum master’s level cumulative grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale is expected.

The Ph.D. application process occurs in two phases, which are described below.

Phase One

Phase one occurs as you go through the application process with our Admissions office. It includes two components. First, you should examine our Admissions Requirements for the Ph.D. program to ensure that you meet the minimum standards to apply and understand what you have to include with your application.

Second, you will submit an application for the Ph.D. program to our Admissions Office. Because the application includes several parts, we recommend that you submit as many parts as you can, as soon as you can. It normally takes a minimum of 1-2 months to turn in all the parts to the application, especially because GRE results and recommendations take time to arrive. Your application must be fully complete in the Admissions Office prior to the stated application deadline to be considered.

Application Deadlines

August 1 for Spring matriculation

January 15 for Fall matriculation

Phase Two

After your completed application clears the Admissions Office, the Admissions Office invites qualified applicants to participate in entrance examinations and a faculty interview. Students come to campus for one day in which they complete the entrance examinations in the morning and then participate in the faculty interview in the afternoon.

Entrance exams are designed to give students the opportunity to demonstrate their comprehension of the subject area in which they are applying. You will find more details, including study guides for each subject area’s exam, on our Entrance Exam webpage.

Faculty interviews provide our professors the opportunity to interact with students who are applying in their area while allowing students the chance to get to know the faculty. Students should prepare to discuss not only their research interests but also their personal interests.

Entrance Exams & Interview Dates

First Friday in September for Spring matriculation

Last Friday in February for Fall matriculation


Applicants will receive decision letters from the Research Doctoral Studies Office no earlier than one month from completing the Entrance Exams and Interviews. Accepted applicants have 30 days to declare their intent to matriculate.