The Doctor of Missiology program is designed for missionaries, practitioners, teachers, and administrators providing advanced formal education, guided reading in pertinent missiological literature, field experience, mentoring, and supervision. Within the 58 hours of study, your program will culminate with a research project that addresses a missiological issue in your particular missions context.



Thank you for your interest in the doctoral program at Southern Seminary. The following information is designed to give you insight into the D.Miss. application process. The D.Miss. application process occurs in three phases, which are described below. You can also look at the D.Miss. Program Process for a checklist of the steps that need to be taken.

Phase One

Interested students should first examine the Admissions Requirements for the D.Miss. program to ensure that they meet the minimum standards to apply and understand what they have to include with the application.

Second, students will submit an application for the D.Miss. program to our Admissions office. Because the application includes several parts, we recommend that you submit as many parts as you can, as soon as you can. It normally takes a minimum of 1-2 months to turn in all the parts to the application. Please be aware that it can take up to a month for GRE scores to be sent to us after taking the exam. Your application must be fully complete in the Admissions Office prior to the stated application deadline to be considered.

The application deadline for summer matriculation is January 15.

Phase Two

After the application deadline, qualified students will progress to the second phase of the application process. In this phase, students will be given a D.Miss. Entrance Examination and will compose a 2000 word essay using the D.Miss. Entrance Exam Reader.

Once the applicant has completed the D.Miss. Entrance Exam a faculty interview will be scheduled. Faculty interviews provide our professors the opportunity to interact with applicants and allow applicants the chance to get to know the faculty. Students should prepare to discuss not only their research interests but also their personal interests.

Admission Prerequisites

  • Students desiring admission to the D.Miss. program must have earned a regionally-accredited Master of Divinity, a Master of Arts in Missiology, or its equivalent from a regionally accredited or ATS accredited seminary.
  • Students having earned a Master’s degree but lacking required hours may complete the additional hours through online or on-campus study at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • The student must have completed his or her Master’s degree with a minimum grade point average of B+ (3.3 on a 4.0 scale).
  • In most cases, a minimum of two years of appropriate field experience in cross-cultural ministry.

Actions Required for Admission

  • TOEFL: Non-native English speakers, including those who have graduated from any U.S. school, must submit an official score report of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). TOEFL scores must meet a minimum of 95 for internet-based test (iBT), 233 for computer-based test (CBT) or 575 for paper-based test (PBT).
  • D.Miss. Entrance Exam: Successful completion of a written qualifying exam. The essay will help determine the applicants quality and style of writing.
  • GRE: All students must submit an official copy of the GRE score. All test scores must be less than three years old and must be officially submitted to the Admissions Office by December 1 in order to be considered for admission into the following Winter term.
  • Interview: The faculty from the D.Miss. program will schedule an interview with each applicant.
  • Research paper: A graduate-level research paper in a field related to leadership, education, or ministry be submitted with the application.
  • Vita: Students should also include with the application a personal vita, no more than two pages in length, which includes previous academic studies, rationale for doctoral studies, personal goals, area of research interest, and description of current and past missions experience.

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