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Distance Learning Options



J-term courses are intensive classes offered at the SBTS main campus in Louisville. These classes meet in either one or two week blocks during the seminary’s winter and summer breaks. These classes count toward on-campus degree requirements.

Ministry Apprenticeship Program*

Southern’s Ministry Apprentice Program (MAP) allows students to receive course credit through qualified ministry internships. Southern encourages students to remain involved in ministry while pursuing formal theological training. MAP provides a direct avenue to combine serious study with supervised service in a local ministry context.

Hybrid Modular*

Completing a seminary degree has never been more convenient or flexible.  As of Fall 2012, Southern is offering a new hybrid modular format. This new format combines the online learning experience with an intensive, two day session on campus.  Students can take up to 13 hours of on-campus credit while being on campus for as few as eight days per semester.

Conference Classes*

Southern’s conference classes allow students to receive the encouragement and training offered by an event while simultaneously receiving course credit. The cost of the class covers the cost of conference registration.

SBTS Mission Trips*

The Bevin Center for Missions Mobilization organizes mission trips to a variety of locations in North America and around the world.

The Bevin Center will provide assistance for the entirety of the mission trip process.  The center will recruit, screen and train trip participants, select and train leaders for the trip, provide logistical preparation and support as well as debrief team members after their return.

Seminary Expeditions

Southern Seminary Expeditions provide opportunities to further your theological education by going outside of the classroom to locations rich in biblical and historical significance. The Expeditions offer on-site lectures from biblical, theological and historical scholars and seek to cultivate hearts and minds that worship Christ.

Extension Centers

We recognize that commitments to family, work and ministry make it impossible for some people to attend Southern Seminary in Louisville, Ky. For this reason, we offer a number of extension centers around the region.


If you can’t attend Southern in Louisville, and the extension centers aren’t an option for you, Southern Seminary Online and Boyce College Online allow you to further your theological education from where you are.

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