the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


The Campus Technology office is located in Carver Hall 205 (click here to open a Google map highlighting our location on campus as well as available nearby parking).  Our office hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.  If you need assistance, please contact us at (502)897-4006 or email

Wireless Access

There is no registration needed to use the wireless access. Click on the wireless icon in your bottom toolbar and connect to SBTS_OpenWIFI. There are no requirements to log into this network. This is the network you will use in HCC, Norton, Carver and the Library.

Email Accounts

The Seminary provides all current students with an email account. The format for your email address, except for extenuating circumstances, will be the combination of your first initial, last name and last 3 digits of your student ID number. For example:

Student Name: John Doe
Student ID: 123456
Email address:

To check your seminary email account, go to  For instructions on how to change your student email password, click here.

Students are expected to check their seminary email accounts on a regular basis. The computers in the Library are available for you to use to check your email.  All students are required to follow the seminary’s policies on Campus Technology Appropriate Use and Email.

Once a student is no longer enrolled, their email account will be terminated.


Moodle is the Learning Management System (or LMS) in use at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. This is where you access your courses and where you register for new courses. Moodle can be accessed at

Logging In
In order to access your courses within Moodle, you must login with your eCampus user ID and password. Your user ID was provided to you when you started as a student and is managed by Campus Technology. For instructions on how to manage your password, please click here.

Troubleshooting Login
If you are having issues with logging into Moodle or eCampus, please verify that you are typing the correct user ID and password. If you need assistance, you can

•     Call Campus Technology at (502) 897-4006,
•     Send an email to, or
•     Come to Campus Technology located in Carver Hall between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.

Security Policies
Campus Technology is very concerned with your online security while you use our online resources such as Moodle and eCampus. The login pages for both Moodle and eCampus are protected  with an SSL certificate providing 128-bit encryption for any data submitted  to our servers.

Do not share your password with other people. When seeking assistance, Campus Technology will not ask you for your password to Moodle or eCampus. In order to verify and protect your security the Campus Technology department may ask you for your

•     Full name,
•     Student ID number,
•     Full date of birth, and/or
•     The last 4 digits of your social security number

If you seek assistance by email, Campus Technology will either ask you to call our office in order to speak with you in person or to come by the office in person so that we can verify your identity. If you come by the office, please remember to bring your Shield Card or another form of photo identification.  Campus Technology will not send passwords by email.

If you believe that your account may have been compromised, please contact Campus Technology immediately.


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