the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Shield Card Information

The Shield card is a student multi-functional ID card that remains valid during the term of registration.

Each student must carry the Shield card while on campus, and present it when requesting services from any office. ID photographs comply with the standard for decorum and dress.

To obtain a Shield Card, male students must wear a collared shirt–no caps, t-shirts or facial jewelry.

Spouses and dependents may obtain cards after entering the necessary data into the online Shield Card Family Registration Form and may submit the form by pushing the “submit button” at the bottom of the form or by bringing it to the Department of Campus Police.

Please allow up to 48 hours for processing once the form has been submitted.

Students are able to add money to their shield card (which may be used on the copiers and at Fifth and Broadway) three different ways: at the library, online, and at Fifth and Broadway. The options at the library and online are instantaneous. Adding money to your card at Fifth and Broadway may take up to six hours to become available.

For replacement cards or inquiries, contact the Campus Police office, (502) 897-4444.

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