the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Report a Crime or Emergency

Campus Police

(Dispatchers and officers on duty 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week)

  • Duke K. McCall Sesquicentennial Pavilion (lower level)
  • Campus Extension [ 4444 ]
  • Email:

Louisville Metro Police, Fire and E.M.S.

  • 574-7111 (non-emergency)
  • 911 (emergency – Springdale and Grinstead South Apts.)
  • 9 + 911 (emergency – All main seminary telephones)

If you choose to call the Campus Police office with a life threatening emergency, we will call 911 and dispatch a campus police officer to your location.

These numbers are posted throughout the residence halls, in the campus telephone directory and on campus telephones. Free on-campus telephones are located in the lobbies of most campus buildings and all residence halls.

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