the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Campus Police

How to Contact the Department of Campus Police

Reach Alert (Emergency Text Notifications)



Services Provided

  • Shield Card Issuance
  • Issue parking permits
  • Lost and Found Center- lost and found items are only kept for 30 days.  After 30 days, all lost and found items are donated or disposed of.  Until then every effort is made to find the rightful owner.
  • Parking control
  • Key inventory and control
  • Perform notarial duties during normal business hours free of charge
  • Patrol of residence halls as well as nightly lock-up
  • Open and close seminary facilities
  • Unlock doors on request
  • Police for all special events
  • Escorts on request
  • Liaison with local fire and police departments
  • 24 hour Central Dispatch with Central Alarm Monitoring

Department of Campus Police

The Department of Campus Police is responsible for all aspects of safety and security on the seminary and Boyce College campuses as well as all other property owned by the seminary. The department is comprised of sworn police officers who have full powers of arrest on seminary property.

Seminary police officers are trained and equipped for emergency responses and are trained in First Aid and CPR.

The Campus Police office is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

The department utilizes a computer aided dispatch center and a campus radio system to ensure the quickest response possible to calls for service. This same center is regularly able to monitor much of the campus by way of closed circuit television and officers regularly patrol the campus on foot, bicycles, ATV and by marked vehicle. The Campus Police office maintains a close working relationship with the main law enforcement agency serving Metro Louisville.

While the safety and security of the campus community is the primary goal of the department, our members also provide other services including parking control, issuance of Shield Cards, key control, escorts upon request and training on topics such as personal safety and crime prevention.

Possession of Firearms

In accordance with KRS 237.115, it is the policy of Southern Seminary that possession of firearms, with the exception of law enforcement officers, is prohibited  on seminary owned property. This includes residential apartments and houses as well as all dormitories. Possession of a concealed weapons permit does not negate this prohibition.

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