the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Advanced Placement Testing

Advanced placement exams are offered for the following courses:

  • Old Testament I
  • Old Testament II
  • New Testament I
  • New Testament II
  • Church History I
  • Church History II
  • Systematic Theology I
  • Systematic Theology II
  • Systematic Theology III
  • Elementary Hebrew
  • Elementary Greek
  • Greek Syntax and Exegesis

Students are free to take as many of these exams as they believe they are qualified to pass. Each exam can be taken a maximum of two times. Each attempt must be taken in a different semester.

Passing an exam qualifies a student to take advanced courses in place of required entry-level courses. These exams do not reduce the total number of hours required for a degree.

Advanced placement exams may be taken at any time. Those interested in scheduling a placement exam should contact the Center for Student Success at (502)897-4680.

Some students with exceptional academic achievement in an undergraduate Bible program may be a candidate for the Advanced M.Div. program. Please consult the Academic Catalog for specific prerequisites for this program.


That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.