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Outside Scholarships

Students are encouraged to apply for outside scholarships from organizations and churches. The scholarship searches listed below may aid in your search for outside scholarships. However, Southern Seminary does not endorse any of these searches or the scholarships found on their websites. Students should contact the scholarship organizations directly to apply and obtain eligibility requirements.

Please note: If you receive funding from an outside source, please provide Financial Aid with a copy of your award letter.

E-Campus Scholarship Search

The Financial Aid Office has compiled a database of scholarships in order to assist students in their search for outside scholarships. The E-Campus Scholarship Search uses the demographic information of the individual student in order to generate a customized list of scholarships for which the student is eligible. (SBTS log-in required; Select ‘Help Desk’ -> ‘Financial Aid’ -> ‘Scholarship Search.’)

State Specific Scholarships

Many state organizations and conventions provide scholarships for students attending Southern Seminary. Select your home state to find scholarships from local and state conventions and organizations.

Miscellaneous and Ethnically Based Scholarships

Browse through miscellaneous scholarship opportunities available here and ethnically based scholarship opportunities here.

Doctoral Scholarships

For a list of outside scholarship opportunities available to doctoral students, click here.

Web-Based Scholarship Searches

Important Note Regarding Federal Aid

Southern Seminary does not participate in any federal or state student aid programs, including loans and grants. As a Southern Seminary student, you do not need to complete the FAFSA.

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