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Financial Aid FAQ

How much does tuition cost?

Click here to view the current tuition and fee rates for 2014-2015.

How can I apply for an SBTS Scholarship?

Complete the Financial Aid Profile before the financial aid deadline to be considered for a scholarship from SBTS. Review eligibility requirements before applying.

How do I view my current tuition charges?

Log into Ecampus with your username and password. Select the Accounting tab at the top of the page. Select “Click here to view and pay your tuition account” under the Tuition Account section. Be sure to click the “Calculate my bill” button at the bottom of the page to ensure receipt of your most updated balance.

Should I submit the FAFSA?

No. Southern Seminary does not participate in any federal or state student aid programs involving loans or grants. Financial Aid at SBTS consists of Cooperative Program funding, scholarships awarded through endowed aid, and a private loan opportunity. Therefore, it is not necessary for SBTS students to complete the FAFSA.

Why does SBTS choose not to accept federal aid?

While SBTS is eligible to participate in federal loan and grant programs funded by Title IV, the institution chooses not to accept such funding in order to avoid federal oversight in the classroom and to maintain curricular control.

Do I need to be accepted as a student at Southern Seminary before I can apply for scholarships?

Most outside scholarships have early application deadlines and students are encouraged to apply for such scholarships before they are officially accepted as a student at SBTS.

When will my SBTS Scholarship be applied to my tuition account?

All scholarships and loans will be applied to tuition accounts on the date that billing opens for the upcoming semester (one to two weeks before the start of term). Scholarships and loans received after the open of billing will be applied to student tuition accounts as they are received.

What if I have received a scholarship from an outside organization, but the check will not arrive until after the close of billing?

Students who have received an award letter from a scholarship organization can simply give a copy of the letter to the Financial Aid Office. After receiving the award letter, Financial Aid will put temporary credit on the student’s tuition account until the scholarship check arrives.

Can I defer my student loans while I am a student at SBTS?

Southern Seminary is able to assist students in the loan deferment process for most federal and state educational loans received from previous institutions. Questions about loan deferments should be directed to the Academic Records Office.

Does SBTS offer institutional aid for doctoral students?

SBTS scholarships are offered only to undergraduate and master-level students. Doctoral students are encouraged to research outside scholarship opportunities but are not eligible for institutional financial aid.

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