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Cultures and organizations do not change without strong leadership. While many leadership books focus on management or administration, the central focus of The Conviction to Lead is on changing minds.

Dr. Mohler was the driving force behind the transformation of Southern Seminary from a liberal institution of waning influence to a thriving evangelical seminary at the heart of the Southern Baptist Convention. Since then he has been one of the most prominent voices in evangelicalism, fighting for Christian principles and challenging secular culture.

Using his own experiences and examples from history, Dr. Mohler demonstrates that real leadership is a transferring of conviction to others, affecting their actions, motivations, intuition, and commitment. This practical guide walks the reader through what a leader needs to know, do, and be in order to affect change.

At the age of thirty-three, Dr. Albert Mohler became the youngest president in the 153-year history of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He was the driving force behind the school’s transformation into a thriving institution with an international reputation characterized by a passionate conviction for truth. In the process he became one of the most important and prominent Christian voices in contemporary culture.

What will it take to transform your leadership?

Effective leaders need more than administrative skills and vision. They need to be able to change the hearts and minds of those they lead. Leadership like this requires passionate beliefs that can stand up to pressure from without and within.

Now for the first time, Dr. Mohler reveals 25 principles to crystallize your convictions, revolutionizing your thinking, your decision-making, your communication, and ultimately those you lead.

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About the Author
Albert Mohler is president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the Southern Baptist Convention’s flagship school. Dr. Mohler is a radio personality, blogger, and sought-after commentator. He has been quoted in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. He has also appeared on such national news programs as Larry King Live, NBC’s Today Show, Dateline NBC, Good Morning America, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, and The O’Reilly Factor. Dr. Mohler lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife, Mary. Learn more at

“This is a solid resource for the Christian leader looking to hone the skills required to motivate and inspire others or for those questioning their ability to get the job done.” - Publishers Weekly Review

The Conviction to Lead has all the marks of an original work, oozing with wisdom and dripping with passion. This is Mohler in his most natural habitat, doing what he does best. If you are a pastor or elder, if you are an owner or CEO, if you are in any form of leadership, I am convinced that this book will transform the way you lead. I highly recommend that you read it.” - Tim Challies

“Beyond merely a business or professional help-book, The Conviction to Lead represents  full orbed vision  for leadership – one well worth careful attention.” – Towers (November 2012)

“For few leaders in our day have been so effectively used by God to protect and advance a legacy of faithfulness to the gospel.” - The Gospel Coalition

“Dr. Al Mohler has written a book that shakes us up and challenges our thinking. The Conviction to Lead is poised to become one of the all-time classic works on Christian leadership.” – Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

“Having rarely thought about leadership, I was hooked from the first chapter–to my complete surprise. This is a powerful book and gracefully written.” – Fred Barnes, Executive Editor, The Weekly Standard

“Your character makes a difference every day. It provides the foundation for the work you do and instills confidence in the hearts of the peoplewho look to you for leadership. Furthermore, true leadership, worthy of our heroic tradition, requires leaders to get results. When it is in ourhands to do so, we must not fail to accomplish the good, to believe inthe true, and to create the beautiful. Albert Mohler provides you with an excellent resource to develop your heart and mind in order to be prepared to lead with conviction.”- Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas;host of Fox News Channel’s Huckabee and nationally syndicated radioprogram The Mike Huckabee Show; bestselling author

“Dr. Mohler stands in this generation as a rare example—a great leader who speaks with a clear voice. His sense of direction is anchored by deep, battle-tested convictions and applied with uncanny wisdom. We have been waiting to become students of his on this critical theme. With the arrival of this book, class is in session!”- John MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church,Sun Valley, California; author of the MacArthur Study Bible

“I like how Al Mohler begins this book on leadership when he says, ‘Convictions are not merely beliefs we hold; they are those beliefs thathold us.’ Christians are called to lead by proclaiming the gospel mes-sage that not only convicts the sinner but holds us accountable to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We must stand on the convictions that bolster our faith and lead us into spiritual battle with victory in sight. Stand firm, stand strong, and stand true to God’s Word.” - Franklin Graham, president and CEO, Samaritan’s Purse, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

“Barely can I tolerate books on leadership—but this one is fun, true, and written from the matrix of a life of one of the most distinctive Christian leaders of our era. Dr. Albert Mohler, in The Conviction To Lead has captured the missing element in most discussions and in so doing paints a verbal canvass that will be forgotten by none whoventure into these pages.” - Paige Patterson, president, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas

“Quintessential Albert Mohler! I am pleased to recommend The Conviction to Lead which represents the refective and purposeful path that has charted Dr. Mohler’s twenty highly infuential years of leadership at one of the truly fine institutions in the land. Convictional, challenging,insightful, and persuasive, this most important volume will certainlybecome a ‘must read’ for leaders, administrators, and board members,regardless of their spheres of service, for years to come.” - David S. Dockery, president, Union University; general editor,
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