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Help! I’m not the Christian woman I want to be

Danelle Bancroft — April 14, 2015

Ladies, how did you learn to ride a bike? Brush your teeth? Tie your shoes? Shave your legs? Apply make-up? Drive a car? Your answer to most of these questions, if not all, is someone taught you. From potty training, to writing papers, to planning for a wedding, we learn important lessons from someone else. … Continued

Downtown Indianapolis

Willing incompatible worlds

Andrew Walker — March 31, 2015

To find the words that describe with accuracy the media hysterics involved with Indiana’s passing of a Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) may be impossible. The sanctimonious moral preening offered via social media from such figures as Apple’s Tim Cook and the historically amnesiatic Hillary Clinton are both laughable and inexcusable for their dedication to spreading flavor-of-the-moment … Continued

Muslim Misconceptions

Three Christian misconceptions about Muslims (Part 2)

J.D. Greear — March 26, 2015

In my last post, I discussed three common misconception that Muslims have about Christians. Today, I will be exposing three misconceptions that Christians often believe concerning Muslims. When the average Westerner hears “Muslim,” a number of images come to mind—mostly negative. But most Muslims would be just as horrified as we are at the assumptions … Continued

Rainer - Fearful Leadership

Eight signs of fearful leadership

Thom Rainer — March 20, 2015
Leadership and Character

The office of deacon: Character

Dan Dumas — March 13, 2015
First two years on the mission field

From the classroom to the mission field

Chandler Snyder — March 11, 2015
Biblical Womanhood

Guilty as charged

Mary Mohler — March 9, 2015
Prioritizing family prayer time

Too busy to lead family worship?

Don Whitney — March 2, 2015