Pastor leaving church

Should I leave my church? 8 critical questions

Jeff Robinson — May 6, 2016

In the spring of 2014, I made one of the most gut-wrenching decisions of my adult life: I resigned as pastor of a church that had called me little more than three years before. After months and months of prayer, soul-searching, and much advice from wise men with decades in the trenches of local church … Continued

Top podcasts for Christian leaders

Top podcasts for Christian leaders

Colby Adams — May 3, 2016

Podcasts are on the rise. When Serial took the world by storm at the end of 2014, many were exposed to this medium for the first time. Since then it seems like new podcasts are appearing every week. As many have discovered, podcasts are an especially accessible way to consume content. For pastors and other leaders … Continued

Advice for future church planters

Advice for future church planters

Scott Slayton — April 29, 2016

Recently a friend in his first year of seminary asked me what kinds of classes he should take and what he should do while in school to prepare for church planting. This question was not on my mind during my time at SBTS in the early 2000’s, but in God’s providence I planted a church … Continued

Reflections on a church that recently embraced egalitarianism

Reflections on a church that recently embraced egalitarianism

Denny Burk — April 26, 2016

Last night I watched Pastor Pete Briscoe give his rationale for leading his church to welcome female elders to their leadership structure. Briscoe pastors Bent Tree Bible Fellowship, a large congregation in the metro area of Dallas, Texas. His sermon amounts to a recitation of long-standing egalitarian readings of Scripture. I admire that Briscoe and … Continued

Practical questions to ask before entering church revitalization

Practical questions to ask before entering church revitalization

Chad Ashby — April 21, 2016

There is no sure-fire recipe for ministry success. There is no checklist for prospective churches that can guarantee a pastor’s church revitalization efforts will prosper. God could send fire down from heaven one day, and you still might be chased out of town by a murderous matriarch the next (see 1 Kings 19:1-3). However, I … Continued

The emptiness of Hallmark card race theology | David Prince

The emptiness of Hallmark card race theology

David E. Prince — April 18, 2016

I do not generally like Hallmark cards. When I get my wife, children, or someone else a card, I usually look for one that is attractive on the outside but blank on the inside. I prefer to write my thoughts inside the card because I never read what is written in Hallmark cards and think … Continued

Rookie Pastor Mistakes

Top 5 rookie pastor mistakes

Hershael York — April 8, 2016

Finally, after all your training and praying and longing, you receive a call from your first church. You are elated—and determined to do a great job. They are God’s people, and he has graciously allowed you to serve them as their pastor. You have so many ideas for how to make them a stronger, more … Continued

Live Smart

Dan Dumas: Live intentionally, live smart

Jeff Robinson — April 6, 2016

Editors note: Dan Dumas has written a new book, Live Smart: Preparing for the Future God Wants for You (Bethany House). SBTS Blog editor Jeff Robinson corresponded with him on how he hopes to minister to the local church through his new work.   In Live Smart, you trace out 14 principles from Scripture that … Continued

Engaging Those Different Than Yourself

Five tips for engaging those different than yourself

Jon English Lee — April 1, 2016

I have a confession to make: I am a terrible evangelist. I do try, but I can’t seem to have much success or consistency. I often find myself hiding behind the excuse that “I’m an introvert.” But the real problem is that I am just not loving my neighbor as myself. The task is made … Continued

Missionary Organizations

4 Questions every church should ask a missionary organization

Elliot Clark — March 29, 2016

Not all missionary organizations are created equal. In fact, while the Great Commission is surprisingly succinct as founding documents go, it has germinated a host of extremely diverse ministries and methods. Today, hundreds of international sending agencies exist ranging from those committed to curbing sex trafficking to promoting the gift of prophecy, all in the … Continued