Obbie Todd Writing

3 things a reformer teaches us about writing

Obbie Todd — September 2, 2016

Remarkably, when John Calvin became pastor in Geneva in 1536, he still lacked an official degree in theology from an academic institution. Neither had he submitted to any kind of ecclesiastical examination. Nevertheless, in addition to his studies in logic, languages, and civic law, the French Reformer was also a master of communication. His style … Continued

Imitate Heroes

Imitate spiritual heroes

Don Whitney — August 31, 2016

My spiritual heroes surround me when I’m writing. They sit on the bookcases on either side of the woodstove. The faces of some of them smile at me from various places on the walls or from nooks at the empty ends of bookshelves. The busts of four look down upon me like Mount Rushmore from … Continued


How do you shepherd a dying and divided church? Interview with Brian Croft

Jeff Robinson — August 26, 2016

In his 13 years as senior pastor of Auburndale Baptist Church in Louisville, Brian Croft has seen it all. He has experienced profound lows in the ministry but has sought to remain faithful and has also seen God bring the church from death to life. He chronicles that incredible tribute to God’s grace in a … Continued


5 ways to help missionaries transition back to the states

Elliot Clark — August 23, 2016

One of the most frustrating parts of living overseas was placing an order at a fast food restaurant. Virtually every time I would have to elbow my way to the counter, mentally rehearse the order for a family of five in another language, and then hope that I could communicate without being misunderstood or worse, … Continued

Timothy Paul Jones leadership

Your church is not your platform

Timothy Paul Jones — August 19, 2016

In 1932, the University of Southern California started stenciling “Property of USC” on athletic t-shirts for the purpose of preventing theft. Their anti-theft strategy backfired when the stenciled attire became more popular than the original unstenciled t-shirts. USC turned this problem into a profit by producing and selling “Property of USC” shirts to students. Today, … Continued

Preachers Voice

4 reasons preachers must find their own voice

Cheston Pickard — August 17, 2016

In his classic book, Lectures To My Students, Charles Spurgeon wrote, “Scarcely one man in a dozen in the pulpit talks like a man.” This is a problem all too common today. Some preachers feel inclined to take certain routes in their sermon preparation, leaving them to be very unnatural in their delivery, as if … Continued

Jeff Williams 3 Questions

3 questions with Astronaut Jeff Williams

Craig Sanders — August 15, 2016

  What is it like to read your Bible and pray on the International Space Station (ISS)? Implied in the question is the notion that Bible reading and prayer are somehow enhanced given the vantage point. There certainly is an acute awareness and appreciation of God’s creative and providential work given the literal “worldview,” and … Continued

Schrock Preaching

What has preaching to do with discipleship?

David Schrock — August 11, 2016

Discipleship programs. Discipleship pastors. Discipleship pressure. So much talk about discipleship in the church today. And rightly so. Following Jesus means obeying the Great Commission, with its command to make disciples of all the nations. But what does that mean? And how do we do it? In a few other posts I’ve answered what it … Continued

Sills Blog Missions

The mission is not complete when a people group is reached

David Sills — August 9, 2016

Jesus gave the Great Commission to his church almost 2,000 years ago. He clearly instructed us to make disciples in every people group, to baptize them, and to teach them to obey everything he has commanded. After all these years, more than half of the world’s people groups remain unreached, representing more than one-third of … Continued

3 Reasons Every Pastor Should Read Church History

3 reasons every pastor should read church history

Obbie Todd — August 4, 2016

The church should never stray far from its historical faith. Still, between sermon prep, home visits, weddings, and other commitments, the average pastor often struggles to find time to read church history. Following are three reasons pastors should do so—for the good of their churches and their own souls.