Recovering from a dud: 3 responses when you preach a bad sermon

Hershael York — November 29, 2016

A lady recently approached me at church on Sunday and said sympathetically, “I thought last week’s sermon was really good.” She was trying to comfort me about the previous week’s message. Apparently someone on my staff had told her how unhappy I had been with it and for days she had waited to assuage my … Continued

Church ministry

5 things I learned my first year as a pastor

Raymond Johnson — November 22, 2016

Centering your ministry on the Word of God will cause you to think about successful church life differently than the latest trends from Harvard Business Review would suggest because gospel ministry is far different than simply the application of organizational theory. Thus, our goal is not to make our churches hum (as Paul Powel suggests … Continued


Be careful of missionary patriotism

David Sills — November 15, 2016

The first thing that happens after we have realised our election to God in Christ Jesus is the destruction of our prejudices and our parochial notions and our patriotisms; we are turned into servants of God’s own purpose. — Oswald Chambers I was raised in a very patriotic home, was a member of a proud-to-be-an-American … Continued

Sills globe

How to be a global Christian without getting on a plane

Elliot Clark — November 10, 2016

Globalization and immigration are two buzzwords of the current political debate. Recent history has seen an unprecedented increase in interaction between governments and economies such that what happens elsewhere in the world now reverberates here at home. Modern transportation has also done its share to shrink the planet. Meanwhile, poverty and war alongside education and … Continued

Adoption featured

5 Ways adoption fosters a healthy church

Obbie Todd — November 4, 2016

A few years ago, I visited a neighboring church on a Wednesday night and heard a particularly riveting sermon on the doctrine of sin and human inability. That night has remained vivid in my memory for a couple reasons. Nowadays, messages on human sinfulness appear to have gone the way of the church dodo; so … Continued

Croft Books

20 Books every pastor should read

Brian Croft — November 1, 2016

Have you ever tried to pick a favorite hymn or Scripture passage when asked? Impossible, isn’t it? At least it is for me. I had similar feelings when my pastoral interns asked me to pick my top books every pastor should read. Too many to choose from and where does the list end? Nevertheless, they … Continued


Should I ever break from an expository sermon series?

Hershael York — October 26, 2016

Preaching through books of the Bible is my jam. I love to take months and work through a book, as I did recently in Hebrews over the course of 44 sermons. I am convinced and see persistent evidence that the best way Christians learn the Word of God is through the systematic and regular study … Continued

David Prince

On sports and the Christian life: An interview with David Prince, part 2

Jeff Robinson — October 21, 2016

Ok, here’s a fastball right down the middle for you, but I think it’s a good question. You and I both love baseball deeply. It seems to me that baseball has many lessons to teach us about life. What can we learn about the Christian life from our national pastime? Baseball means dealing with failure. … Continued

David Prince

On sports and the Christian life: An interview with David Prince, part 1

Jeff Robinson — October 19, 2016

You have extensive background in sports from playing to coaching and everything in between. Tell me a little about your passion for sports. My father was teaching me about sports before I could walk. One photo of me as an infant has a baseball right beside me in the crib. My parents bought the house … Continued


You cannot coast into Christ-likeness

Don Whitney — October 17, 2016

When it comes to discipline in the Christian life, many believers question its importance. Devotion to prayer declines into drudgery. The real-life usefulness of meditation on Scripture seems uncertain. The purpose of a discipline like fasting is a mystery. Why not leave spiritual discipline to those who seem to more disciplined by nature and let … Continued