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The office of deacon: Character

Dan Dumas — March 13, 2015

It’s often said that one of the most important aspects of leadership is simply showing up. Just be there, and people will follow. People like their leaders to be visible. This attests to the truism that leadership begins and ends with example. It would be difficult to imagine a leadership role where this is more…

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Five favorite Southern Seminary classes

Trevin Wax — February 27, 2015

A few years ago, I received a Masters of Divinity from Southern Seminary. Recently, as I was looking over my class list and the required credit hours for my MDiv years, I thought about the classes that I enjoyed the most. Each of them were so good that I would take them again. Here are…

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Following Jesus when you want to give up

Sean McDowell — February 13, 2015

Where the Rubber Meets the Road If someone asked you what your biggest dream was what would you say? As a high school student the answer was easy for me—to play college basketball. Even though I was short and white, I was determined to play hoops at the next level. Since I grew up in…

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Duke University, Religious Liberty, and Islamic Supremacism

J. Scott Bridger — February 9, 2015

The recent attacks in Paris on the offices of Charlie Hebdo have once again raised numerous questions about the nature of Islam. Most of them cluster around the issue of authenticity. Among the questions being debated and discussed are: What versions or expressions of Islam are most faithful to the sources? To what extent do…

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Is your marriage a picture of the gospel?

Hershael W. York — February 5, 2015

When we volunteered to help a couple in our church move, the wife looked appreciative, but a bit worried. “I need to tell you,” she said in a low tone as she leaned forward, “My sister, Debi, will be there helping us, too, and she’s a … a stripper.” “Well,” Tanya answered with a laugh,…

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14 questions to ask a pastor search committee

David Prince — October 8, 2014

  In your opinion, what are the 5 best things about the church? What would the average person in the church say is the best thing about the church? In your opinion, what are the 5 biggest problems in the church right now? What would the average person say is the biggest problem in the…

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Missions for a post 9/11 world

M. David Sills & Jeff Walters — June 30, 2014

  Southern Seminary missions professors M. David Sills and Jeff Walters discuss their new book, Introduction to Global Missions, with Southern Seminary Magazine contributor Aaron Cline Hanbury.   ACH: What makes Introduction to Global Missions different from other introductions? MDS: The world is changing with increasing velocity, and global dynamics such as globalization, urbanization and diaspora migration patterns are forcing constant re-evaluation of how ministry is done….

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Did not our hearts burn?: expository reading – part 1

Robert L. Plummer — May 5, 2014

  God has preserved for us an invaluable gift and resource in the canon of Scripture. In it we have the very words of God, written over many centuries by many men, and all inspired by one divine mind. He could not have given a better gift with more profitable guidance than he has in…

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How to reach Hispanics around you without Rosetta Stone

Eric Rivier Jimenez — March 21, 2014

  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Latino population in the United States  was 53 million in 2012, making up 17 percent of the overall population — the largest minority group in the nation. So, whether you are Hispanic like me or you are from a different culture, eager to share the gospel with…

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The next last frontier: are you ready to minister in the cities?

Jeff K. Walters — February 12, 2014

  No alert reader in ministry has to go very far today to find some reference to urbanization, cities or urban missions. It’s a hot topic, and it should be. Cities have always been centers of power, culture, religion and wealth, but the majority of people around the globe lived away from urban hubs. That…

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