The Advanced Master of Divinity in Church Ministries in the Billy Graham School is an accelerated professional degree program for students who have a baccalaureate or Master of Arts degree in religion or biblical studies, who have at least a 3.3 college grade point average, who have completed at least 6 hours at the introductory level in Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Church History, and Systematic Theology (or 5 hours at the introductory level plus 3 hours at an advanced level in each of these subjects), and who have submitted an acceptable 12-20 page research paper. Students are also encouraged to have completed 3 hours each in ethics, philosophy, hermeneutics, preaching, elementary Hebrew, and elementary Greek. Students who are interested in this program must consult the School of Church Ministries Associate Dean for Masters Studies.


Remedial/Pre-requisite Courses
20400 Elementary Hebrew (3)
22400 Elementary Greek (3)
31980 Written Communication (if required) (2)
42490 Cooperative Program 0
Scripture and Interpretation (18 hours)
20440 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis 3
22440 Greek Syntax and Exegesis 3
27800 Theology of the Old Testament 3
27820 Theology of the New Testament 3
Hebrew Exegesis elective 3
Greek Exegesis elective 3
Theology and Tradition (9 hours)
25140 Advanced Church History 3
26100 History of the Baptists 3
27050 Advanced Introduction to Christian Theology 3
Ministry and Proclamation (11 hours)
30000 Christian Preaching 3
32100 Personal Evangelism 3
35040 Leadership and Family Ministry 3
40150 Personal Spiritual Disciplines 2
Worldview and Culture (6 hours)
28500 Introduction to Christian Philosophy 3
29250 Survey of Christian Ethics 3
Church Ministries Core (15 hours)
40200 The Worshiping Church 3
45150 Worldview, Culture, and Discipleship 3
45250 Family Ministry Through the Lifespan 3
45400 Christian Teaching 3
BGS Elective* 3
* Students may choose from any of the courses in the following
list of concentrations: Leadership, Discipleship & Family Ministry,
Youth & Family Ministry, Children’s & Family Ministry, Women’s
Leadership, College Ministry, Worship Leadership
Free Electives (15 hours)
BGS Applied Ministry: 44920 (2 hours)
M.Div. Core 44
Church Ministries Core 15
Free Electives 15
Field Education 2
Total (76)
See Written Communication Requirement in Academic Section.1 Students who did not take a minimum of three hours of preaching in undergraduate work must take 30000 Christian Preaching and 45450 Teaching Practicum as an elective. 3000 Christian Preaching is reserved for men. Women will substitute 45450, Teaching Practicum.2 Students who completed an introductory level evangelism must take either 32040 Advanced Studies in Evangelism and Church Growth or an elective approved by the school’s dean or associate dean.3Students who completed introductory level courses in undergraduate work (with a grade of B or higher) must take electives in these disciplines.4 Students who did not complete a course in biblical hermeneutics during undergraduate work must take 22100 Biblical Hermeneutics as one of these.