1. Do I have to complete the program in exactly 4 or 5 years?

No, you are not required to complete the on campus requirements in any specific timeline. You may complete the requirements over several years if that is what your schedule requires. You are, however, required to spend either two or three years on the mission field under appointment.

2. Can I complete the on campus coursework through online courses?

You may be able to complete some of the courses through online study, but there are restrictions on how many hours may be taken online. Contact the Billy Graham School Academic Advisor for more specific information about these requirements.

3. Does acceptance into the International Church Planting Program (either 2+2 or 2+3) guarantee appointment as a missionary?

No, acceptance into the program does not in any way guarantee appointment through the International Mission Board or any other agency. Missionary appointment must be pursued by the student in coordination with the mission agency. If a student is unable to be appointed as a missionary, he or she must complete the full degree through on campus coursework.

4. Is it possible to complete the 2+2 or 2+3 Program while serving as a missionary with an agency other than the IMB?

Yes. You may discuss this with the 2+2/3 Program Director, Dr. Jeff Walters.

5. How long does the appointment process take?

When should I begin the process? The appointment process varies based upon the type of appointment you are seeking. Career appointment service typically takes a year to complete, while ISC appointment takes several months. You should contact the International Mission Board as soon as you enter the program to establish contact and complete preliminary information. They will be able to give you additional information concerning the timeline and process for appointment.

6. If I am appointed as part of the 2+2 or 2+3 Program, will I still receive language training when I get to the field?

Yes, 2+2/3 students receive the same language training as all other missionaries appointed under their classification within their region. Career missionaries typically receive a full year of language study, while ISC missionaries typically receive approximately the equivalent of a semester of language study. The 2+2/3 Programs will allow you to earn course credit for this language study, but it must be done in conjunction with program requirements and in coordination with the 2+2/3 Program Director.

7. Is there a Reverse 2+3 Program?

No, there is not a Reverse 2+3 Program. 2+3 students must complete the on campus coursework prior to deployment.

8. Do I have to be appointed to a certain region? Where can I serve?

SBTS will allow 2+2/3 students to be deployed to any region where the missions agency will appoint them. All students are required to take two field based courses during their time under missionary appointment. These courses are offered in two week terms during the summer and taught in various countries around the world. The student will be responsible for the costs associated with getting to the two week course in order to complete their course requirements.

However, you will need to work with the IMB to secure a job assignment. If you are not sure where you would like to serve, the IMB will work with you to determine the area that is best suited to you and based on your gifting and need.