A Brief Overview of the Program

The 2+3 program is designed for the individual or family that is certain God has called them to serve as career missionaries. Those who choose to complete the 2+3 program will serve as Apprentice missionaries, not ISC (International Service Corp) missionaries as do those in the 2+2 program. The apprentice program requires three years of field based service before completing the program. Once the apprentice years have been completed, the individual or family, with final approval by the IMB, will become career missionaries.

To be appointed as 2+3 missionaries with the IMB, the individual or family will need to complete a rigorous application process. This process, completed through the IMB, must begin no later than one year prior to the completion of the on-campus academic requirements.
Considerations for the 2+3 Program:

If you and your family are certain that God has called you to serve as career missionaries, the 2+3 program allows the individual or family to be appointed as career missionaries before being sent to the mission field to serve as apprentices. Once the apprenticeship has been completed, no additional training is needed. With the IMB’s permission, the individual or family then receives career missionary status. With the 2+2 program the individual or family would need to return home to complete and meet additional application requirements and additional training before being appointed as career missionaries.

If you or your family have a strong desire to serve as missionaries, but are not sure God has called you to be career missionaries, then the 2+3 program is probably not for you. Instead, you should consider the 2+2 program.

Additional information regarding the 2+2/3 program