A Brief Overview of the Program

The 2+2 Program in International Church Planting or Leadership Training is designed for those who are interested in serving in the area of international missions, but are not sure they are called to be career missionaries. After completing approximately two years of study on-campus, the student, couple, or family will be appointed by the IMB (International Mission Board). While appointed to the mission field, students will complete the remaining course requirements for the Master of Divinity in International Church Planting or Leadership Training Programs. This will be accomplished through structured language learning courses, online courses, and at least two field based courses.

The Reverse 2+2 International Church Planting or Leadership Training program is an option for those who would like to complete their missionary service and requirements prior to completing the on-campus requirements. Students interested in this option must first be accepted into the seminary. Students must then seek appointment with the IMB. Students in the reverse 2+2 program cannot begin the program until deployed to the field. Students who have previously been Journeymen or ISC missionaries are not eligible for this program.

Considerations for the 2+2 Program

If you are not sure you are called to career missions with the IMB, this program provides the opportunity to serve on the mission field for two years while completing a Master of Divinity. After the completion of the two year field commitment as well as the course requirements, you will have a Master of Divinity, as well as a much better understanding of whether the Lord is leading you to continue serving on the mission field. If you decide that the Lord is leading you to serve as a career missionary, you can choose to take the proper steps necessary to move in the direction of becoming a career appointment with the IMB. If you or your family know that you know for certain that God has called you to serve as career missionaries, then the 2+2 program is probably not for you. In fact, the 2+3 program was designed specifically for people who know they are called to career missions. For more information concerning this program, visit the 2+3 program link.

Additional information regarding the 2+2/3 program