This program (M.Div./ICP) involves approximately two years of study on campus and two or three years of church planting in an international missions setting. The BGS and the International Mission Board cooperate together to guide students through the appointment process to become IMB missionaries and fulfill the remainder of coursework while serving on the international mission field. Students must apply to the IMB and SBTS simultaneously.

Reverse 2+ Program: This program is the reverse of the above program. Students spend two years doing church planting in an international missions setting, followed by two years of class work on campus. Specific coursework and timing are determined by the department chair for Evangelism and Missions in the Billy Graham School. Students in this program must be fully accepted at Southern Seminary and must communicate with the director of the program prior to going to the field.

Students interested in pursuing the M.Div./ICP should contact the BGS Department Chair for Evangelism and Missions as soon as possible after admission.


30960 Intercultural Communication or 3
33000 Cultural Anthropology
32310 Spiritual Warfare in Evangelism and Missions 3
32860 Biblical Basis of Christian Missions 3
33410 Language Learning for Missionaries1 3
33420 Cultural Acquisition for Missionaries1 3
33830 x International Church Planting1 3
International Church Planting Concentration 18
BGS M.Div. Core 70
Total Master of Divinity with a concentration in International Church Planting Requirements 88

1Courses to be completed at IMB missionary orientation and on the field.

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