the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Norton Hall Band


The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary offers world-class theological education for people who share a passion and calling to train the church to worship biblically.

As we developed the new training paradigm for worship leaders and the academic curriculum in the New Department of Biblical Worship here at Southern Seminary, we wanted to create a tangible demonstration that our goal and purpose is to train pastors who lead worship. Not just musicians and not just worship leaders, but pastors who lead worship. Everyone in Norton Hall has a pastor’s heart.

We’d also like to model gospel-centric, Christ-centered, biblically guided worship. So many worship events today seem to be song-driven and production-driven. We’d like to share with campus ministries and churches that when worship is birthed out of the Word of God and the story in our worship is the gospel, then the worshiping community responds to the revelation of truth and not simply to an emotionally charged song or musical sound.

For more information and booking of the Norton Hall Band please contact Dr. Joe Crider at (502) 897-4396 or

That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.