For several years, our Department of Biblical Worship faculty members have been asked by worship leaders all over the country if our graduate program in worship leadership at SBTS could be done online. Our answer has always been the same: “students can take almost all of the required Bible and theology courses online, but our music and worship courses are offered residentially during the school year.”


We are thrilled to announce the Professional Track for the Master of Arts in Worship Leadership. This new delivery model allows students to study online throughout the year and attend a 2 week summer intensive for 3 summers. The Professional Track program is specifically designed for worship leaders with 7 or more years of experience in the local church.

For more information about this innovative new program, contact Dr. Joseph R. Crider. Interested? Go ahead and apply now!

Click here to see the Summer Schedule for the Professional Track in 2014.

Schedule of Courses for the NEW Professional Track

Spring Semester 2014 (5 hours – online)

40600 Foundations in Worship (3)
40610 Discipling Music Ministry I (2)

June 2014  (7.5  hours) – Two week on-campus class schedule

40615 Discipling Music Ministry II (2)
40620  Worship Leadership and Design (2)
Worship Band Lab (.5)
Voice Concentration (2)
Summer Chorale  (1)

Fall Semester 2014 (7 hours)

2 Online Courses (6)
40693 Worship Field Ed: Leadership (1)

Spring Semester  2015  (7 hours)

2 Online Courses (6)
40694 Worship Field Ed: Current Trends (1)

June 2015 (8 hours) – Two week on-campus class schedule

40605 Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs (2)
40625  Vocal Ensemble Leadership (2)
Worship Band Lab (.5)
Worship Band Lab (.5)
Voice Concentration (2)
Summer Chorale (1)

Fall Semester 2015 (6 hours)

1 Online Course  (3)
1 Hybrid Modular Course (3)
Worship Project (presented at your church and video recorded)

Spring Semester 2016 (6 hours)

2 Online Courses (6)

June 2016 (6.5 hours) – Two week on-campus class schedule

40630 Worship Band Techniques (2)
40635  Technology for Music and Worship Ministry (2)
41016 Integrative Seminar (1)
Worship Band Lab (.5)
Summer Chorale (1)