What is the Ministry Apprenticeship Program (MAP)?

The Ministry Apprenticeship Program (MAP) is an extension of the field education classes that integrates experiential learning, expert observation, and structured spiritual development with practical day-to-day ministry training.

What options are available for MAP integrated seminars?

MAP seminars are specialized field education classes for churches or para-church organizations with qualifying apprenticeship or internship programs. There are three possible 6-hour seminars that students can participate in: Leadership, Outreach, and Proclamation.

What degree programs allow for MAP seminars?

MAP seminars count for elective credits for both Masters and Bachelor degree programs at SBTS and Boyce with elective course options.

Which students can qualify for MAP seminars?

All M.Div., M.A., and B.A. students whose degree concentration allows for elective course credits may participate in the MAP program.

Students whose degree has elective course credits available may sign up for MAP seminars on Moodle.

Which churches or organizations qualify for MAP seminars?

We call participating churches or para-church organizations MAP Affiliates. To qualify, interested participants need to fill out a MAP Affiliate Registration Form after reading the MAP Affiliate Agreement. This form includes the required minimal commitments in the areas of: doctrinal agreement, time commitment, educational requirements, and practical experience.

How long are the seminars?

MAP seminars are scheduled according to two different classifications and are designed to integrate with the MAP Affiliate’s existing internship cycles:

10 week seminars (intensive semester)

15 week seminars (traditional semester)

These classifications are suggestive, not prescriptive. MAP Affiliates are not limited to the aforementioned options.

What are the course requirements for MAP seminars?

MAP course syllabi will be distributed to participating students, as they would be for other Master or Bachelor level classes. The MAP Affiliate will articulate the specific requirements for each MAP course offered.  These will include, but are not limited to:

1) Directed Readings and Writing Assignments.

2) Weekly Face-to-Face time with Ministry Instructor.

3) Weekly Face-to-Face time serving in Ministry Experience.

4) Character Development Reflection and Evaluation.

5) Exit surveys will be given to all MAP students as part of their final grade.

6) Exit surveys will be given to all MAP Instructors as part of their grading process.

How much do MAP seminars cost?

Regular student hourly tuition rates apply to all MAP seminars.  Each MAP seminar is worth 6 hours of elective course credit.

Are there pre-requisite courses to take before registering for MAP seminars?

No. There are no pre-requisite courses required.

Do I have to take MAP seminars in a certain sequence?

No. There is no order required. The MAP Affiliate will determine the order and sequence with which they offer MAP seminars.

How do I know if my church or para-church qualifies to offer MAP seminars?

The MAP Affiliate Agreement Form must be completed by your church or para-church organization. It provides the standards for doctrinal fidelity that the seminary approves as well as the minimal required commitments for organizations wishing to participate in the MAP program at SBTS.

How does my church apply?

1)   Read through the MAP Affiliate Agreement and complete the MAP Affiliate Registration Form.

2)   Contact the Field Education Office map@sbts.edu or call 502-897-4221

Can MAP seminars replace Applied Ministry (2-hour required class)?

Yes. Any MAP seminar will count as a substitution for the SBTS Applied Ministry class.  This allows participating students to take another elective course in place of the required Applied Ministry class.

Do MAP seminars count as residential credit like other field ed. classes?

Yes.  All field education classes, including MAP seminars, can count as residential credit hours.  A student can earn up to a maximum of 12 residential credit hours.

Do MAP seminars qualify for course substitutions? (ex. Can the Outreach seminar count for Missiology?)

No. MAP seminars cannot be substituted for core classes.  MAP seminars count toward elective hours only.

Why would SBTS entertain a Ministry Apprenticeship Program (MAP)?

MAP helps Southern Seminary fulfill the stated mission to “serve the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention by training, educating, and preparing ministers.”

Furthermore, Southern Seminary believes that theological equipping is done best in partnership with the local church; MAP enables SBTS to partner with local churches to train men and women theologically as well as practically.  Moreover, it is our belief that MAP seminars will help students clarify God’s calling to ministry in their lives.

Why would local church and para-church leaders give their time to be involved in MAP?

Southern Seminary believes that theological equipping is done best in partnership with the local church. Our goal is to come alongside participating MAP affiliates in order to train the next generation of gospel ministers to effectively proclaim and minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this age, for it is our belief that robust theology cannot be divorced from local church ministry.

Churches committed to training men and women for gospel ministry will find that partnerships with Southern Seminary through the MAP program provide a structured and systematic approach to integrate practical ministry with theological education.

Why would students want to be involved in MAP?

Students seeking to serve in Gospel Ministry will find that SBTS MAP seminars wed rigorous biblical theology and day-to-day church ministry.

Further, SBTS MAP seminars enable students to begin, work on, or complete their formal theological education while serving in a formal ministry capacity.  This will enable the students to develop specific skillsets needed for effective gospel ministry in the local church.

What are the student learning outcomes in MAP seminars?

  • All seminars will require students to demonstrate a growing, Christlike character and a sense of God’s calling to ministry (1)
  • Outreach Seminar: Students will be able to understand the Christian worldview and have a global vision for fulfilling the Great Commission (2)
  • Proclamation/Outreach Seminars: Students will be able to demonstrate significant knowledge of the Bible, to interpret Scripture’s original 
meaning, and apply Scripture to contemporary situations.(3)
  • Leadership Seminar: Students will be able to display a biblical vision for ministry and lead with humble authority (5)
  • Proclamation Seminar: Students will be able to preach/teach Scripture clearly and passionately so as to engage the mind and
 move the heart.                   ‪

Are there special requirements for F-1 International Students Participating in Church-Based Educational Programs (i.e. Apprenticeships, Residencies, Internships)

F-1 international students can participate in church-based educational programs (i.e. apprenticeships, residencies, internships), but they must maintain a minimal residence on-campus commitment in addition to the MAP seminars taken each semester of 5 hours. Below the requirements are delineated that will work for F-1 international students:

  1. F-1 students enroll in MAP (6 to 18 hours) at their respective partnering church/para-church as electives toward their degree.
  2. Then, they contact the registrar at SBTS so that they can enroll in a hybrid-modular Applied Ministry (MAP automatically fulfills the Applied Ministry requirement unless specified) that takes place in Louisville, KY for the same semester as the MAP seminar(s) they are taking.
  3. Then, they enroll in one hybrid-modular course concurrently with the modular Applied Ministry course that takes place in Louisville, KY  so as to fulfill the 5 hours of “low residence” requirements.

Is there a list of qualified MAP Partnerships?

We are currently working on integrating the list of approved MAP Affiliates with our website: www.sbts.edu/map