Kingdom through Covenant Alumni Academy with Drs. Steve Wellum & Peter Gentry

Academy Summary: This class studied the narrative plot structure of the Bible. According to Gentry and Wellum, the covenants form the backbone and framework of the biblical storyline and serve as the means by which God progressively brings about his kingdom through Jesus Christ. Therefore, this class consisted of a rigorous examination of the biblical covenants for the purpose of answering the question, “How do we understand the redemptive historical meta-narrative of the Bible?” Their proposal acknowledges the continuity that exists in the singularity of God’s plan, as well as the discontinuity that can be observed in the escalation that takes place through Scripture’s presentation of the covenants. For those interested in understanding the Bible–beginning to end, part to whole–these Alumni Academy lectures will be immensely valuable.

Panel Discussion with Drs. Denny Burk, Jim Hamilton, Steve Wellum, and Peter Gentry