Family Ministry Field Guide with Timothy Paul Jones

Academy Summary: The class was a study of how churches can best equip families to disciple their children. This class is for pastors and leaders who are in the trenches of ministry and those who may see parent’s disengaging from their children’s spiritual development, see too many students leave for college and drop out of church or are frustrated with programmed ministries that fail to produce results. Based on Dr. Jones’s solid research and years of experience, this course unpacked how real-life churches can narrow the gap between present reality and the biblical ideal of faith-nurturing families.  This class explored various questions related to closing this gap in family ministry.  What should motivate us to change our ministry practices? What does the biblical and theological framework for these changes look like? Why is it that parents aren’t actively engaged in their children’s spiritual development? What you learn from these characteristics and patterns will provide you with the tools that you will need to guide your ministry toward equipping the families in your congregation. At this Alumni Academy Dr. Timothy Paul Jones gave church leaders a practical plan to equip parents to be the primary faith trainers in their children’s lives, moving beyond mere programming into genuine spiritual transformation.

Family Devotional Panel with Drs. Jim Hamilton, Tom Nettles, and Timothy P. Jones

Discipleship through Sports Panel with Drs. Randy Stinson and David Prince