Ambassadors serve Southern Seminary by representing Southern to our Students, Donors, Alumni, and other friends of the Seminary. 

Primary Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

1)      Serve the Admissions office by interacting with prospective students, leading campus tours, etc.

2)      Serve the Institutional Advancement office by interacting with Southern Seminary Foundation members and other donors.

3)     Writing personal “Thank-You” notes to Donors

4)      Serve at a variety of special events such as Heritage Classic, Preview Days, Conferences, Heritage Week, Graduations, Mohler Christmas Parties, Donor Dinners, etc.

5)      Engender support/interest in Southern Seminary in a variety of local church and denominational settings.


Desired Qualities:

1)      Spiritual maturity – This is the first and most important criteria. As an ambassador, you will represent Southern and, more importantly, Christ to all with whom you interact.

2)      Excellent communicator – Ambassadors will be called upon to communicate with hundreds of people through phone-calls and personal interactions throughout the year. The ability to effectively communicate the unique mission of Southern is crucial.

3)      Love for the seminary – We believe that God is using Southern in a unique way to further His Kingdom in service to the local church. We are looking for students who have a deep appreciation for Southern and the unique opportunities it affords. We recognize that without this appreciation, any sustained effort to inspire anyone to attend or invest in this institution will ultimately prove unfruitful.


If you are interested in becoming a Southern Seminary Advancement Ambassador, please apply below.


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