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MAP Character Assessment Tool

The most unique aspect of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Ministry Apprenticeship Program (MAP) courses is the opportunity they provide through their field education component to assess the character of participating ministerial students.  Therefore, one goal of MAP seminars is to stress that character, not merely sheer productivity or capacity to invest in multiple ministerial tasks at once, must exemplify Christian ministerial undertakings.

Southern Seminary’s character assessment form is designed to enable ministerial leaders to earnestly reflect upon the spiritual strengths and weaknesses of students participating in MAP seminars.  Furthermore, Southern Seminary’s character assessment form is designed for ministerial leaders to engage ministry students in a face-to-face meeting that allows them to respond to their character evaluation.

Every MAP Instructor/Supervisor who participates in Southern Seminary’s MAP program, therefore, is required to complete pages 1-3 of the Character Assessment Survey for each student they instruct/supervise.  Additionally, every student who participates in Southern Seminary’s MAP program is required to complete page 4 of the Character Assessment Survey.  Upon completion of the form in its entirety, the MAP Instructor/Supervisor is required to schedule a face-to-face meeting with each student to review the content of the survey.

Character Assessment Document (Fillable PDF)

Character Assessment Document (Printable)


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