Welcome to Tour de Southern! You may have heard of the Tour de France, but this race is the main event. Our faculty and staff here at SBTS would love to show you around our campus. Watch the videos below to see your favorite faculty authors showcase our beautiful and historic campus here in Louisville, Kentucky.

*Note: The giveaways have passed and are no longer valid*


Stage 1: Norton Hall with Randy Stinson


Stage 2: Duke McCall Pavilion with Mike Pohlman


Stage 3: Jenkins Center with Luke Bray


Stage 4: The Billy Graham School with Adam Greenway


Stage 5: The Legacy Hotel with Kevin Smith


Stage 6: The Bevin Center with Jim Stizinger


Stage 7: Fifth & Broadway Campus Store with Ben Ward


Stage 8: Lifeway Bookstore with Jarvis Williams


Stage 9: Truth, Legacy, Vision Display with Don Whitney


Stage 10: The Health and Rec Center with Jim Hamilton


Stage 11: The Dining Hall with Jeff Walters


Stage 12: The Josephus Bowl with Shawn Wright


Stage 13: The Boyce Centennial Library with Tom Schreiner


Stage 14: Grinstead Apartments with Timothy Paul Jones


Stage 15: Carver Circle with Heath Lambert


Stage 16: Broadus Chapel with Greg Wills


Stage 17: The Center for Student Success with Jeremy Pierre


Stage 18: The President’s Office with Albert Mohler


Stage 19: Alumni Chapel with Hershael York



                                Tour De Southern Route

Tour De Southern Route